5 Feature Wall Ideas – It doesn’t have to be wallpaper

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Interior design is always on the brain here at Urban B as stylish decor and furniture is our thing! I thought I would take a look at alternatives to coloured paint and papers in terms of feature walls for your home.


Now this may be obvious for your kitchen and bathrooms but have you ever thought of using tiles for other areas in your home? We love these beautiful leaf patterned tiles that have been used in an entrance hallway to add the wow factor when arriving. They work so well on a larger wall to give a bigger effect and the recessed hidden storage cupboards either side are a great solution for all your clobber!

Other clever uses of tiling are in obvious places like bathrooms, but mix it up a bit and think outside the box. This gorgeous slate wall is actually slanted backwards from the window light above; not only does this give more floor space for the bath but it allows for the waterfall taps and pipework to be hidden and storage space a possibility as well. Some clever joinery and this false wall has worked so well in this space and the luxury slate gives the space a serene spa feel.

black bathroom

And of course you can always style it up with some of urban B’s unique products. Here a Hive Wall fits perfectly in the gap and we this the Ouroboros side table sits perfectly along side the bath.


Look at the entrance below with embossed autumn leaf effect tile backdropping a urban B curved concrete bench.IMG_0891


Not often thought of as a feature, more of a solution to store or display all our worldy possessions! There are some really quirky and clever shelving design out there right now.  From geometric tessellating hexagonal shelves to more simple floating shelf ideas plus larger units that have both hidden drawers and shelves so you can hide things away.

Square Hives stacked-1


In guest bedrooms, do you need to provide a wardrobe for your friends that are simply staying a few nights? We love the use of these driftwood hooks in this guest bedroom as they look great when not overladen with guests garments but provide a few hangers and that’s all you need to allow your friends to hang up a few shirts during their stay. These lovelies were from a local store to us called Courtyard Interiors.


Indoor Wall Planters:

Wanting to bring the outdoors in? The Hive Wall is the perfect feature wall solution as not only can you design your very own unique look to suite your space, but we love the versatility in that you can have both shelving and wall planters mixed up to make a real statement piece. These indoor wall planters and shelf units are urban B’s signature product, head over to the hive wall shop to see more layouts or here to select your own custom order.                                                                                       


The shelf inserts and the planters themselves are all interchangeable so once you have fixed the Hive base units to the wall you can still play around with your creation until it’s just right. Check out Urban B’s shop for more inspiration and ideas for creating your very own Hive Wall.

Statement Wall Art Pieces:

Have you got some wall space and you just can’t decide what to do with it? Always thought that it needs something but can’t quite put your finger on what it is? Take a look at large statement wall art decor.

We love the use of this large metal sculptured piece in this Twickenham bathroom as it isn’t overly fussy but just finishes off the look and gives a luxurious feel. It also doesn’t detract from the gorgeous waved tiles that cover floor to ceiling either, I would LOVE to spend some time in this space.


Montage Wall:

Photo walls are as popular as ever, they do look great with a variety of sizes of photo frames all sporadically displayed with our most favoured pics but it is nice to be a bit different! We love this lifestyle montage wall which adds in beautiful guitars, paintings, clocks, maps,  life quotes and even your best hat if you fancy it! Anything that has a story and looks good, add it in – it also makes for a a great conversation piece when your mates come over.

The open book shelves below are also a lovely touch and they merge seamlessly into a lovely open desk area, perfect for if you work from home.

montage wall