5 top tips for choosing the right plants for your wall planter

5 top tips for choosing the right plants for your wall planter

1. Establish where your wall planter will go first. Then look for plants that suit the space and light exposure. For example, you may want to put your planters in the kitchen, and therefore may want to have herbs that can be used for cooking.



From plant to plate

2. Get a complementary mix – trailing plants look very dramatic and can work well with a pop of colour from flowering plants.

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3. Low vs high maintenance – Decide how much time you have to maintain the plants. If you’re time poor or not the most green fingered person, then stick to low maintenance succulents and cacti that need lots of light but very little watering. If you’re feeling more adventurous, you could pick seasonal varieties that will need to be changed every few months.


Easy care Hawthoria hanging out

4. It’s all in the soil – for succulents and cacti, you will need a special mix which you can get at most local garden centres. If you’re on lockdown, then picking some stones up from your garden to line the base of the planter for drainage will help these plants thrive. Most other plants are happy with normal compost.


Compost ingredients

5. Real vs fake it – whilst we are a huge advocate of having real air purifying plants in the home, we understand that they do require some looking after. There are lots of really good realistic fakes out on the market at the moment. It may be sensible to use these in planters that are harder to reach in your home, for example, it they are high up on your walls. We really like the range from @ascottltd, check out their Instagram page for more details.


Fake or Real?

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