3 Hives with Shelves

From £99.99


3 Hives with Shelves

From £99.99

3 is a never a crowd when it comes to Hives! This trio of inside wall planters looks great as a cluster together or can be spaced apart, either way looks stylish.

3 × Hive including Shelf
Hive including Shelf - Anthracite Grey

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Hive including Shelf - Black

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3 Hives – 3 Shelves

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Unique and stylish wall planters by urban B. The versatile Hives allow you to arrange a custom layout of planters and shelves to create a bespoke display on your wall.

The Hive Wall makes for a perfect addition to your home decor – you can plant a vertical herb garden, cacti, succulents or air purifying plants to improve wellbeing and air quality in your home. Alongside the wall planters, the shelves offer convenient storage or display space for any room in your house with an abstract design that lends to a more contemporary style.

No matter which room, The Hive Wall brings empty wall space to life.

The shelves and planters are inserted into the hexagonal base, “The Hive”, once it has been fixed to the wall. This allows you to keep your look fresh by switching the wall planters and shelving around and makes for easy planting and cleaning. Extra modules can be purchased so you can add more planters or shelves to your display at anytime.

The Hive wall is manufactured in steel and is available in powder coated black or anthracite grey with a semi-matte finish.

The Hive Wall has been designed by the owners of Urban B and hand fabricated by a small team of metal workers in Shropshire so you can be assured of a quality British made product which is in line with Urban B’s ethos.

Got your own idea for your space? Click here to order your custom quantities of Hives.


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Weight2.8 kg
Dimensions35 × 30 × 10 cm


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