Custom Quantity Wall Planters and Shelves


Custom Quantity Wall Planters and Shelves

Unique, stylish, bespoke wall display by Urban B. This versatile wall display allows you to arrange a custom layout of planters and shelves to create a unique display on your wall.



Select your own quantities of wall planters and shelves

We call each hexagonal wall frame the ‘Hive’, inside the hive you can have a shelf, planter or just leave it blank. Make a custom selection on this page.

The Hive Wall makes for a perfect addition to your home decor – you can have your very own indoor herb garden as well as displaying cooking oils, spices and small cook books. The Hive Wall also works well in other rooms of your home where you can really add those finishing touches and bring empty wall space to life.

You can keep your look fresh and unique by switching around the shelf and the planters as these are all removable so can be swapped as and when you want. Extra modules can be purchased so you can add more planters or shelves to your display at anytime and really make a unique wall feature.

The Hive Wall has been designed by the owners of Urban B and hand fabricated by a small team of metal workers in Shropshire so you can be assured of a quality British made product which is in line with Urban B’s ethos.

Additional information

Weight3 kg
Dimensions35 × 30 × 100 cm


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