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Caring for your Echeveria

Echeveria’s are a type of succulent that come from the Americas, mostly Mexico. They require soil with good drainage so we’ve already planted them in a special compost to help.

Light – They require full sun to partial shade positions and require infrequent watering to help them thrive.

Temperature – your plants will thrive in 20-30 degree temperatures but don’t allow them to be exposed to temperatures of less than 5 degrees as they are not frost tolerant.

Water – Over watering will cause the plants to die as they are susceptible to root rot. The best watering method is to wait for the soil to completely dry out so it is starting to come away from the sides of the pot, then water thoroughly. Allow to completely dry out again before re-watering, this could be anywhere from 1 week to 1 month depending on where you have situated your plant and how hot it has been. In the winter, water and feed less often as the plant will be dormant in the cooler months.

Try not to get water on the rosettes of the plant as it can cause spotting of the leaves which doesn’t look great and sometimes it causes rotting of the rosette.

Feeding – feed with a cactus and succulent feed once a month, less in winter.

Pruning – Echeveria are self-pruning, the older leaves will fall away naturally from underneath.

Propagating – Succulents are known for easy propagation, if you fancy giving this a go to increase your number of plants simply have a look online or read the blog on our website about it.

We love to hear feedback and see photos of your pots and plants. Please tag us in your pics online @urbanbltd and let us know how you are getting on! Enjoy