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Caring for your Echeveria

Echeveria’s are a type of succulent that come from the Americas, mostly Mexico. They require soil with good drainage so we’ve already planted them in a special compost to help. Light – They require full sun to partial shade positions and require infrequent watering to help them thrive. Temperature – your plants will thrive in 20-30 degree temperatures but don’t allow them to be exposed to temperatures of less than 5 degrees as they are not frost tolerant. Water – Over watering will cause the plants to die as they are susceptible to root rot. The best watering method is to wait for the soil to completely dry out so it is starting to come away from the sides of...

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The Benefits of Indoor Plants

Plants provide us with so many benefits, of course they do, they are key to our very survival. Our love for them is hardcoded into our DNA whether we appreciate it or not. That's why here at urban B we want you to bring them indoors. The Hive Wall planters will enable you to create beautiful displays inside your home AND get all the benefits plants can bring too. See our handy guide below to just some of the health benefits indoor plants can bring.

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World Kindness Day

Friday 13 November may be considered unlucky for some, but this year it’s #worldkindnessday. Brooke Jones, Vice President of The Random Acts of Kindness Foundation is on a mission to #MakeKindnessTheNorm. As a small business, we have certainly been the recipients of other people’s kindness this year. Whilst the pandemic has reigned chaos on everyone’s lives, it has also put a spotlight on small businesses and what they bring to a community. There has been much focus on helping them survive and keeping high streets afloat. At the grand opening of our flagship store, Under One Roof on 4 November (the day before Lockdown 2.0), we felt overwhelmed by the number of locals who came down to show their support....

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Urban B Launches Flagship Creative Collaboration Store – Under One Roof

Urban B, the Shropshire based family business that specialises in contemporary home décor is opening their flagship store in Oswestry, 1 Beatrice Street on Wednesday 4th November 2020. The new market town shop, which is a collaboration with several other creative artists named Under One Roof will be officially opened by His Worship Mayor Duncan Kerr at the beginning of November.   Passionate interior and exterior design creators Lauren, Sarah and Josh are championing creative independents with the new shop on the Welsh border. Sarah Wright commented ahead of the opening; “We are really excited to be opening our very first flagship store. This is an excellent opportunity for us to work with many incredible artists and help to showcase...

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