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World Kindness Day

World kindness day image
Friday 13 November may be considered unlucky for some, but this year it’s #worldkindnessday. Brooke Jones, Vice President of The Random Acts of Kindness Foundation is on a mission to #MakeKindnessTheNorm.
As a small business, we have certainly been the recipients of other people’s kindness this year. Whilst the pandemic has reigned chaos on everyone’s lives, it has also put a spotlight on small businesses and what they bring to a community. There has been much focus on helping them survive and keeping high streets afloat.
At the grand opening of our flagship store, Under One Roof on 4 November (the day before Lockdown 2.0), we felt overwhelmed by the number of locals who came down to show their support. A kind smile was all it took to make us feel that our efforts had been worthwhile!
Reflecting on 2020, it has certainly brought out the importance of kindness to others. Whether that’s clapping key workers on a Thursday evening, fetching groceries for family and neighbours, or simply smiling and chatting to a stranger in the street. You probably saw the news story that went viral when a man stepped in to help a distressed mother of three at an airport to pay her excess baggage fee!
But it doesn’t have to cost you anything! It would be a shame if we lose sight of the little things that can really brighten up someone’s day as we head into a winter of social distancing. So why not pick up the phone to a friend, or knock on a neighbour, give them a smile and let them know you are there for them. 😊